Alarm Installation

Reliable & Secure Alarm Systems for your Home and Business

Alarm Installation

Deltech Security provides both domestic and commercial clients with the highest standards of professional alarm systems.

Our modern and innovative security alarm systems combine the very latest technology and equipment to provide round the clock security for your home or business premises. Our experienced alarm technicians and fitters guarantee a quick installation service and will walk you through the system, showing you the correct way to use the alarm and maximise efficiency.

All of our alarm systems are sourced from the world's leading brand and manufactures. We offer quality products at the most competitive prices. At Deltech Security, we can design a security system to suit your exact requirements and security risks. Our expert alarm installation services are available throughout Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Meath.


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Wireless Alarm Systems

Deltech Security specialise in the latest wireless technology and can install wireless security systems on any home or commercial property.Wireless alarm systems are the latest form of home security. They can be used to cover multiple zones, include pet friendly motion detectors.

The benefits of wireless alarm systems include:

  • Flexible Systems

  • Visual Displays

  • Can Cover up to 70 Zones

  • Panic Buttons

  • Pet Friendly Motion Detectors

  • Remote Key Pads and Button Fobs

  • Suitable for Small, Medium or Large size Premises

Wired Alarm Systems

Deltech Security are experts in alarm installation for pre-wired homes.

Pre-wired homes are newly built homes or those built in the last 10 years.


These homes will have had alarm cables installed during their construction and the cable should be clearly visible on all windows, patios and doors.

We can also install wired alarm systems on homes, or business premises that have not been pre-wired. Whether you are looking for a system upgrade, or have never had an alarm, our technicians will install the new security system and provide a full explanation on how the alarm works.

Deltech Security provides a wide range of wired alarm systems from the world’s leading manufacturers including HKC, GSD and GE Security.

Alarm Systems and Installations – FAQs

  • How long does an alarm installation take?

    Installation times vary based on the system and the size of the building, On average, Deltech Security can install a home alarm system in approximate 2 hours

  • How does a wireless alarm system work?

    A wireless alarm system consists of a central control panel and individual sensors. The sensors detect movement in different zones and then communicates this wirelessly to the control panel, usually using radio frequencies.

  • Do I need Wi-Fi to have a wireless alarm?

    Wireless alarm monitoring is becoming more and more popular. However there is a misconception that a home internet connection is needed to maintain the system. In fact, most wireless alarms operate on radio frequencies.

  • Which is better – Wired Alarms or Wireless Alarms?

    Both wireless and wired systems have their benefits. Which is better for you comes down to your needs and security requirements. If you are unsure which product is right for you then get in touch with Deltech Security and we will be able to offer expert advice and product recommendations.